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Weather - Hurricane Linda in 1997
Hurricane Linda close to Cabo San Lucas.  September 1997

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The weather in Cabo San Lucas has often been described as - Near Perfect!

Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, is blessed with incredibly wonderful weather for most of the year.  Sunny skies are pretty much the norm for most of the year.  Late summer hurricanes can impact the area, but overall the weather in this part of Baja is very, very nice all year long.  In satellite photos of North America there is one place that usually stands out; the Baja peninsula, especially the southern half.  The rest of the entire continent can be covered with clouds, but most of the Baja peninsula will usually be seen as completely cloud free.  Cabo seems truly blessed geographically, as far as the weather goes, as it lies in between the areas that receive the major weather systems that bring much of the bad weather to North America and to the more southern latitudes.

Summers here can get rather hot, again, depending on which side of the peninsula you are on.  On the Sea of Cortez side, less than thirty miles from Cabo, it is not uncommon the see summer temperatures over the 100 degree mark with water temperatures in the 80's or even low 90's.  San Jose del Cabo will often be ten degrees cooler than the East Cape but also then degrees warmer than Cabo, because of the west winds off the Pacific that usually prevail.  Overall the southern tip of Baja, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and anywhere on the Pacific side, including Todos Santos, are usually some of the coolest places on the southern third of the Baja Peninsula.         

During the late summer months the extreme southern portion of the peninsula, including Cabo San Lucas, may feel the effects of passing low pressure systems, tropical storms or hurricanes.  For the residents of southern Baja these storms seem to pass by all too often, but in reality these occurrences are somewhat rare.  Most of the tropical storms that form in the Pacific basin usually pass south of Cabo and southern tip of the peninsula.  The southernmost mountain range, Sierra de la Laguna, usually receives more rain than anywhere else on the entire Baja Peninsula.  Ninety nine percent of the rain received in southern Baja comes during the summer months when large cloud formations are created over the mountains and give south Baja its precious water supply. 


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These weather related links should be helpful, especially when storms are present in Baja.

Great infrared color image of the Eastern Pacific.

Same as above, presented in a two day loop.

NASA GOES Infrared Weather Satellite Image - Can be animated.

NOAA loop showing the Eastern Pacific & the Baja peninsula.

This satellite image is really good for pinpointing any rain in Baja.

Same as above, but you choose how to animate the image.

 Another good color loop of the Eastern Pacific, from NOAA

U.S. National Weather Service National Hurricane Center - Tropical Prediction Center

Webcam Weather Mexico - Cameras showing Live weather from Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico and all the world. Wave forecasts, wind and tides.

Mexico Cameras - Webcam showing images live from beaches of Baja California Sur, Mexico and rest of the world. - Worldwide Wind, Wave and Weather reports.

Enjoy Cabo San Lucas - Please keep this part of the incredible Baja peninsula clean!

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